Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jessie Pavelka Talks About Fifty Shades of Grey Audition

Jessie Pavelka Jokes About His Fifty Shades of Grey Audition

There were so many actors and actresses rumored to be in the running for the lead roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation, it's no wonder all of these audition stories are now starting to surface.

One of the names that came up often for the role of Christian Grey was Jessie Pavelka. His good looks and perfectly toned physique definitely put him on the top of some fan's fantasy casting list. @ChristianTGrey, a large Christian Grey fan account on Twitter, even used Jessie's photo as their avatar before the casting process even began.

Recently, Jessie was on Ireland's "The Saturday Night Show' with Brendan O'Connor, talking about his Fifty Shades of Grey audition. When asked about trying out for the role, Jessie joked that he was "Plan B... and that he didn't have to wear leather bondage" He goes on to say that he has done a little acting, "but there's a lot of other guys out there, that's there whole life."

Brendan O'Connor teased that Jessie "just told them to go ahead and give it to the Irish guy". The audience and Jessie laughed. The interview was a lot of fun and Jessie was a great sport about not getting the role.

Jessie Pavelka will be joining the new season of the hit NBC series, The Biggest Loser. He will be replacing exiting trainer, Jillian Michaels. He seems very genuine and like he'd be a lot of fun so we're sure he will be successful on that show and with whatever he decides to do.

We'd like to send a huge thanks to Kimberly at Team Jessie Pavelka for sending this video to us.

Monday, June 30, 2014

E.L. James Announces Winner for the Christian Grey Birthday Giveaway

E. L. James Announces Winner of the Christian Grey Birthday Giveaway

Today on her website, E. L. James announced the winner of the Christian's Birthday Giveaway. 

Congratulations to Kimberle from North Carolina. She won the 'Playroom' Key ring and an autographed copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. To read the full announcement and to see what Kimberle said she would do with Christian Grey on his Birthday, and learn how to get your own "The Playroom" key chain, click here... E.L. James Author Website

New Pics! Dakota Johnson Spotted Hanging Out With Fifty Shades Director Sam Taylor-Johnson

Dakota Johnson Spotted With Sam Taylor-Johnson at Glastonbury

We love seeing Dakota and Sam hanging out together. The pair were spotted at the Glastonbury Festival, a five day music festival that takes place near Pilton, Somerset, England. Looks like Sam's hubby, Aaron Taylor-Johnson was there as well. 


A big thanks to @FiftyShadesEN for posting these great pictures. Head over to her site to see more... Fifty Shades of Grey Fan  

In Case You Missed These Hot Pics of Jamie Dornan in Interview Magazine

We Just Can't Get Enough of Jamie Dornan
in Interview Magazine 

The Interview Magazine spread with Jamie Dornan is so sexy, we just can't stop going back to it, again and again. Jamie is such an interesting guy, he definitely isn't your typical Hollywood celebrity.

Before he became Christian Grey, the star in the movie adaptation of E.L. James' bestselling novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, most people knew him as the sexy guy in those steamy underwear ads. Things have surely changed for Jamie in the last couple of years, he went from struggling actor to starring in the BBC series, The Fall and landing the coveted role that other actors were literally begging for.

"I'd been auditioning for parts for years," Dornan, 32, says on the phone from London. "I never got any better at it. I'm crap at auditions. I know there are people who can walk into those rooms and make those lines sing on the page and get the job immediately. I wasn't one of them." He pauses and laughs. "I'm still not one of them..."

In The Fall Jamie plays a Paul Spector, a bereavement counselor with a loving wife and kids but he is also a serial killer. If you've watched the show you know that he does a great job turning the dark side on and off with a comfortable and believable ease. 

[Jamie] suggests that the quiet he performs rises from the types of men he's taken on. "I've played a lot of broken people. Maybe the silences are about the different kinds of vulnerability in all of them." When I mention that he's often played characters with two sides, he agrees. "That's true. Even Christian has two sides. Come to think of it, he has 50." When I laugh, he barely suppresses a chuckle in response. "I guess I'm gonna be using that line all over the planet in a few months. Shouldn't waste it."

Later in this interview Jamie talks about his vision of Christian Grey and how he and Sam Taylor-Johnson approached getting him ready to play the role and much more. To read the rest and check out all of the hot pictures, head over to Interview Magazine.


Fifty Shades Star, Jamie Dornan Lands #50 spot on Popsugar Top 100 List

Jamie Dornan Lands A Spot Popsugar's Top #100 List

Yes, he REALLY did come in #50, how fitting! Jamie beat out some top A-List stars this year and the Fifty Shades of Grey movie isn't even out yet. 

Jamie was chosen as PopSugar's #2 Sexiest Man of the Year! But to Fifty Fans, he will always be our #1!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Brought Gifts to Fifty Fans! First Still, Casting & A Peek at Escala

June 2014 Brought Fans A Gift in Honor of Christian's Birthday, Casting News & A Look at Escala... sort of. 

On June 18th, in honor of Christian Grey's birthday, E.L. James  announced a giveaway on her website. Fans flooded to James' site for a chance to win "The Playroom" key chain and an autographed copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. The response was so overwhelming it literally crashed the site. They were eventually able to get it back up in time for fans to enter but it spoke volumes for the millions of devoted fans she has. The contest is now closed for entries but we're sure one lucky fan is going to be very happy when that prize shows up in their mailbox.

Christian's birthday celebration brought fans another gift from Team Fifty that day as well, @FiftyShades released the first movie still! The photo shows Jamie Dornan, as Christian Grey driving what we can only assume is the Audi R8. How much do you love seeing Jamie in character as Christian?

June also brought casting news! 

We were delighted to learn two more actors had joined the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey. Andrew Airlie has signed on to play Christian's father, Carrick Grey. 

Rachel Skarsten confirmed on her Twitter account (@RachieSkarsten), that she was cast to play Andrea, Christian's gorgeous blonde Personal Assistant. 

A Peek of Escala...sort of

If that wasn't enough excitement already, E.L. James gave us a fun a bit of a teaser last week as well. Shortly after arriving in L.A., James posted a picture of a hand drawn sketch of the Escala downstairs floor plan. She obviously knows her fans are thrilled to get any little sneak peek we can get.

We'd love to hear what you think about all of this June news. Did you do something fun to celebrate Christian's birthday? What did you think of these casting announcements? Is the floor plan of Escala that E.L. James posted how you pictured the layout when you read the books? We love to hear what other fans like us have to say and share in your excitement as the movie gets closer so please send us your thoughts in the comments section below, on Twitter @FiftyShadesFilm and on Facebook at Fifty Shades Film.