Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Role of Carrick Grey Has Been Cast!

Andrew Airlie Has Been Cast as Carrick Grey 

in the Fifty Shades of Grey Film

We've all been waiting on the edge of seats, anxious to hear who else would be appearing in the Fifty Shades film and now we have an answer! According to Andrew Airlie's IMDB page and his official website, he has been cast in the role of Christian Grey's father, Carrick.

Andrew is best known for his long list of movies and multiple television series appearances. He was most recently seen in Defying Gravity, Reign and Bates Motel.

Andrew definitely has the look that most of fans imagine for Carrick. When the news of him being cast was released today the comments from fans were very positive.

Fifty fan, Catherine Dyne said, "Yep, I'm cool with that choice." Another positive comment from Debbie Lehman Foreman read, "Yea, he's good." We're really glad to see that the fans are pleased with this casting choice.

What do you think of Andrew being cast as Carrick. Is he what you imagined when you read the book? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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