Thursday, July 24, 2014

Official Studio Released Movie Stills from the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

These officially released stills from the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer are beautiful. The cinematography of these scenes is almost breathtaking. E.L James did such a wonderful job creating extremely vivid imagery of each scene in the book and now Sam Taylor-Johnson has literally brought those words to life on our screen.

This officially released movie still of Ana finding Christian playing piano in the middle of the night is visually stunning. 

This photo of Christian Grey leaning over his piano, looking so haunted, torn and broken is such a "Fifty" moment.

All of these stills feel like the story has jumped off of the page and on to our screen. From Ana looking so enamored with Christian, and him retrieving a blindfold from a drawer in the playroom and beyond, our Fifty Shades of Grey fantasies are literally coming to life.

We are more anxious then ever to see this movie. If today's trailer and these official stills are any indicator of how GREYT the entire movie is going to be... TEAM FIFTY has clearly knocked it out of the park! 

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