Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jessie Pavelka Talks About Fifty Shades of Grey Audition

Jessie Pavelka Jokes About His Fifty Shades of Grey Audition

There were so many actors and actresses rumored to be in the running for the lead roles in the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation, it's no wonder all of these audition stories are now starting to surface.

One of the names that came up often for the role of Christian Grey was Jessie Pavelka. His good looks and perfectly toned physique definitely put him on the top of some fan's fantasy casting list. @ChristianTGrey, a large Christian Grey fan account on Twitter, even used Jessie's photo as their avatar before the casting process even began.

Recently, Jessie was on Ireland's "The Saturday Night Show' with Brendan O'Connor, talking about his Fifty Shades of Grey audition. When asked about trying out for the role, Jessie joked that he was "Plan B... and that he didn't have to wear leather bondage" He goes on to say that he has done a little acting, "but there's a lot of other guys out there, that's there whole life."

Brendan O'Connor teased that Jessie "just told them to go ahead and give it to the Irish guy". The audience and Jessie laughed. The interview was a lot of fun and Jessie was a great sport about not getting the role.

Jessie Pavelka will be joining the new season of the hit NBC series, The Biggest Loser. He will be replacing exiting trainer, Jillian Michaels. He seems very genuine and like he'd be a lot of fun so we're sure he will be successful on that show and with whatever he decides to do.

We'd like to send a huge thanks to Kimberly at Team Jessie Pavelka for sending this video to us.

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