Wednesday, September 19, 2012

E.L. James Takes Over Houston!

E.L. James held a book signing at the Books-A-Million store in Katy, Texas near Houston last night. Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey came out in droves to get their books signed and meet the beloved author who gave us Christian Grey, the man of our kinky fantasies.

Allison, a.k.a @REALLYDONTCARE_ was our special correspondent on the scene. The store handed out nine hundred wristbands leaving a long winding line of fans inside and outside for several hours. Despite the long lines, Allison said the crowd, which was a mix of men, woman, old and young were all having a lot of fun and even came dressed for the occasion. There was no shortage of silver ties and t-shirts with our favorite quotes, "We aim to please" and "Laters Baby". There was even a baby with a silver tie onesie. 

Allison left the event almost three hours after it started and she said there was still a long line of people waiting to get an autograph. E.L. James was still diligently signing and all smiles for the fans that had been waiting in line for hours. She is amazing. 

A huge thanks to Allison for taking all the great pictures and sending us all of the information tonight.  

We will be covering more of the E.L. James books signing events this week and next week. Stay tuned for more pictures and fan accounts to come. Follow us on Sulia and Twitter @FiftyShadesFilm for alerts and updates. 

Check out all of the pictures by clicking through this jump.... 

More pictures are still coming in, we will add them to the bottom of this post as we receive them. If you have pictures from this event or will be attending another event, please email them to us so we can share them on this post or future posts. 

A special thanks to @50Shadesfangirl for sending this collage of her book signing experience. 

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