Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fifty Shades of Wine

Wine Access Magazine did a wonderful article titled "Fifty Shades of Wine" Even E L James herself tweeted that she loved it!

Sure, there’s sex [in Fifty Shades of Grey] but as wine writers, we at Wine Accesscouldn’t help but notice a whole lot of references to our favourite beverage sprinkled throughout the novels.

We haven’t included every reference here. We don’t want to wreck the plots if you haven’t yet read the series. But here’s a small taste of what we found — and a sidebar of some wines to go along with your reading this summer.

A few wine-related highlights from Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.L. James:
Let the fun begin:

“Pouilly Fumé okay wih you?”

“I know nothing about wine, Christian. I’m sure it will be fine.”

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At one of Christian’s favourite restaurants:

“The Pinot Grigio here is a decent wine. It will go well with the meal, whatever we get,” he says patiently.

Check out this collection of handful of pinot grigio reviews to pair with your meal.
Anastasia graduates, so they celebrate in style:

He picks up the champagne, takes off the foil top and cage, twists the bottle rather than the cork, and opens it with a small pop and a practiced flourish that doesn’t spill a drop…..

“Bollinger Grande Anné Rosé 1999, an excellent vintage,” he says with relish.

“In teacups.”

He grins.

In teacups.”

Teacups are fine…for tea. How about splurging on some decent glassware for your fine wine.

Click here to read more Fifty Shades wine references and the rest of the story: Source

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