Friday, July 13, 2012

E.L. James Puts Casting Rumors To Bed

Fifty Shades of Grey Author @E_L_James puts casting rumors and misquotes to bed by saying "She hasn't ruled anyone out. She also betrays no favorites."

Also fun for fans of the book—and James herself—is speculating who will play the central characters on screen. Readers share endless ideas on Twitter, and while James finds some of their suggestions perplexing, 'she hasn't ruled anyone out. She also betrays no favorites.'

Besides, she's still not sure how involved she'll be in the production or if she might contribute to the screenplay. Universal Pictures and Focus Features announced producers Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti earlier this week, "so it's like, what's next?" she said. She almost didn't want to do the movie at all.

"Books are such a personal experience for every individual reader," she said. "I just thought it's going to be really hard to do."

But she owed it to herself—and to her story—to go for it.
"If the book says anything, it's life's not a dress rehearsal," she said. "Just go and do stuff. I'm trying to embrace that."


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